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Memorial project

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Women have contributed a lot to the development of electronics and computer science, but have received little recognition for their scientific achievements. This lack of visibility for remarkable women in tech leads to the misperception that computing is a domain of men. It is not.

At the last congress, many of you helped reduce this visibility gap by creating memorials for notable women in science and engineering. This year, we want to do it again. Bigger, better, more publicity and even more memorials! We need your help!


For more information on the project visit We are currently in the process of documenting last year's memorials and are looking for more photos. Do you have any? Please send us an e-mail to


We are looking for people who create a memorial for the upcoming congress!

  1. Find the right person in our list. If you would like to create a memorial for a woman* not in this list, do it!
  2. If you inform us about your choice, we can include your memorial in our planning for a scavenger hunt. So please let us know via! Use the template below. This also helps avoid duplications and directly answer your questions.
  3. Build it!


Subject: Memorial, <Name of woman*>

Hello, we would like to build a memorial on 36C3

Name of responsible person:

Name of group/assembly:

Name of the honored woman:


Our memorial should be at:

I still have a question/commentary: