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Welcome to the Haecksen community!

This is the English translation of Willkommensinfos für Neuhaecksen.

...This ToDo!page ....contains workthe welcome mail information that is sent to new members. For the sake of clarity, we have tried to keep the welcome email as short as possible. Most of the information can be found here in progessthe wiki.


  • Mailing list
    • Unsubscribe: Mail to haecksen-unsubscribe [ät]
    • Add new haecksen: see section Mailinglist
    • Do's: Information about events, handicrafts, feminism, organisation are welcome.
    • Don'ts: Please do not send any attachments or forwarding emails without permission.
  • Rocketchat: Main communication channel,
    • You need an SSO account for this. You can get one on request at admin [ät]
  • Regional groups: Yes we have them, more info here in the wiki
  • Haecksen-Buddies: The Haecksen-Mentoring program, mail to: buddy (at)
  • FAQ and Glossary: can be found here in the Wiki
  • Dates: In the calender, in the Wiki and on the website.
  • How to participate? Tasks and hats will be distributed regularly
  • any more questions? info [ät] or #haecksen_frageecke in Rocketchat

That's a lot of information here and maybe you have more questions? You can always send your questions to info [ät] or ask them in #haecksen_frageecke in Rocketchat. If you are looking for more connection to our community, our Buddy-Haecksen will help you.


The mailing list now has more than 550 members -) for this reason we want to keep the volume of communication low. The Rocketchat is therefore more suitable for chatting or talking. 

The mailing list is there for nationwide networking. Here you can find out everything important. Information/topics that can be sent on the mailing list are, for example:

  • Information on interesting events
  • Call for Papers/ Participation/ Speakers
  • Information on feminist issues, data protection, net politics, digital self-defence, handicraft fun, etc.
  • Information on the Haecksen organisation and events
  • Questions about Haecksen/technology/feminism/x
  • Questions about connections/help/experiences/x
  • No attachments should be sent on mailing lists.
  • If it is not explicitly allowed, the sender should be asked for permission before forwarding an email from this list to other people who are not on this list.

To remove your address from the list, send a message to: haecksen-unsubscribe [ät]

If you know a person personally who would also like to be on the Haecksen list and who identifies with the Haecksen definition, please do the following:
- The interested person writes an email to liste [ät] with the request. They also CC the Haeckse they know, who can confirm the contact.
- The known Haeckse replies to liste [ät] and confirms or vouches for the new person.
- The admin haecksen put the new haeckse on the mailing list and send out the welcome email.